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PublishDrive is a trusted partner in the indie publishing community, building digital tools and solutions for global ebook, print-on-demand, and audiobook distribution.

Our services

PD Distribution
Distribute ebook, print, or audio, maximize your earnings and boost sales from one single platform. Get access to 400+ stores and 240,000 digital libraries and publish to markets like Google Play and China with billions of readers.
PD Abacus
For royalty and other cost management in publishing teams. This service makes it easy to calculate co-author royalties, keep track of team costs, distribute royalty reports to contributors, and more.
Why PublishDrive?
Publish any format.
Ebook, print, or audio.
Sell books internationally.
Reach millions of new readers worldwide.
Keep every penny.
Retain 100% royalties of your book.
Enjoy exclusive book promotions.
Featuring, review copies, price promo.
Start your publishing journey now!
  • Convert your manuscript for free
  • Ebook, print-on-demand, and audiobook distribution
  • Get into hundreds of stores and thousands of libraries worldwide
  • Your book could be in the stores within days
  • Built-in promotions to boost sales
Your partner in global publishing
  • A single platform to manage distribution, promotions, analytics and more
  • Reach the US market and international retailers
  • Upload hundreds of books within minutes
  • Opportunities for in-store promotions
  • Track real-time stats across global sales channels
  • Royalty splitting for co-authoring, anthologies, and large-scale collaborations

Words from our partners

See why thousands of authors choose PublishDrive:

Rachel Morgan

Indie Author


Increase in average
monthly gross sales

“The PublishDrive platform is easy to use, and the team behind it is friendly, helpful, and always quick to respond to any query I might have. I've greatly enjoyed my publishing experience with them thus far, and I look forward to working with them further as they continue to grow and innovate in the independent publishing space.”

Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher

“PublishDrive has opened up new frontiers for our authors and streamlined the process of accounting for sales across dozens of digital platforms. That, combined with their intelligent analytics and constant drive for improvement make me proud to partner with PublishDrive.”

Claire Culliford

Indie Author

“In terms of online store distribution, language possibilities, and transparent pricing structure, PublishDrive's offering is the best I have come across. Their technical support is second to none and the response and support from all members of staff at the company continue to impress whenever we are in communication.”

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